Vision Builders

What is the Account Number for the 'Vision Builders' Campaign?

BSB: 034153

Acc: 138268

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Any other questions you may have about 'Vision Builders' please don't hesitate to contact us via the contacts page or talk to someone at the info desk on Sunday.

'Vision Builders' is about having a vision to buy into the future.

All throughout history, God's people have been moved to sacrificially bring offerings for the establishment of His house.

Time after time, as people were obedient to this call, God has moved mightily in their generation and in the next generation!

God has an amazing plan and purpose for this church and city. As we sow into this vision we will see God do miracle after miracle. It's time to take ground and get a facility of our own that can house all that God desires to do on the Gold Coast!

We encourage EVERYBODY to get involved with 'Vision Builders' in 2018-2019! From the kids to adults we all have a huge part to play in seeing the church built and this city won for Christ!

The future belongs to those who dream! 

The Plan
This is the time to rise and lay hold of the future! We have a vision to build a great church that impacts the city and influences the nations. A church that builds families, empowers people and saves souls! A church that is fresh, real and powerful, and excellent in every area! It takes EVERYBODY getting involved to see this vision come to pass!

We are asking all those who call C3 Church their spiritual home to pray and ask God what they should give, over and above their tithes, to see us in a permanent facility. This will be done in the form of faith goals which will be fulfilled by June 30th, 2019.

How do I determine how God wants me to participate?

We encourage you to prayerfully seek God with all your heart, to determine what He wants to do through you during this campaign. If you are married talk about it, then constult your budget and add faith to it.  Through that you will will hear God.  Commit to trusting and obeying Him, then follow through on that commitment. God wants to bless us through our giving and participation in building His house. Don't miss this opportunity!

How does my faith goal affect my tithe?
It doesn't! Faith goals are an offering above your normal ten percent. Tithes are allocated for the day-to-day running operations of the church, offerings are gifts over and above our tithes. 

When do I make my faith goal?

You can fill out the faith goal form anytime! Just keep in mind that the 2018-2019 faith goals end on June 30th, 2019. Our 2019-2020 campaign will kick off in July 2019!!!

What is the Account Number for the Vision Builders Campaign?

BSB: 034153

Acc: 138268

* Please add your name to the particulars.

Any other questions you may have about Vision Builders please don't hesitate to contact us.