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Since the birth of the human race people have gone on quests to get connected to the gods.  This series is about helping you get reconnected to THE GOD.  


Sunday 9th September - Shane Willard - USA.

Shane travel the global as a teacher of the word of God.  After many years of studying under a Jewish Rabbi he carries incredible insite.  You are going to have a night of revelation.  Not we have him for 1 service only 6pm.

Sunday 23rd & 30th July - Ps Eric Harrison - Australia

That's right we have him 2 weeks in a row.  He is a great preacher and moves powerfully in the prophetic.

Sunday 7th October - Ps Dave Connell - New Zealand.

Ps Dave is the pastor of a thriving church in NZ.  He is a man of the supernatual who has personally raise 3 people from the dead and he helps allot of people get free. 

Prior to him taking over his dad's church (Ps Mike Connell) he was in Pakastan helping build the largest church in that nation.  He was part of the team that had 25,000 showing up every Sunday.  Pulling crowds of over 100,000 in crusades and launching a TV station that now broadcasts the gospel to millions of people throughout asia and the middle east.

This will be a Sunday not to be missed!!!


8:30am - 9:30am (chapel Service)

10:15am - 11:30am

6pm - 7:30pm

You ask...What is a Chapel service?  You can expect a lower key accoustic feel to the music, may suit the older generation or young families.  You can expect to receive an IMPACTING message from the pastors every week.

KIDS PROGRAM - In the morning services we will run kids services to inspire them in the things of God.  Your kids will come out excited to return.  The 6pm service we run a movie on the BIG screen (some kids come with their sleeping bag and pillow).

Grade 5 to 10 students - we will run what we call 'Sunday Sessions' in the 10:15am service.

Illustrated Sermons:

One thing we love to do at C3 Church is bring the word of God alive with creativity. The word of God hasn't changed, but the way it's delivered will be more than just voice. Sometimes in the middle of the messages you may be presented with a video, a drama, a song, a prop. What ever it is the purpose of it is to leave you with a memorable picture of what the word of God is saying.

It can be a 4D Church Experience in some of the services - HEAR IT | SEE IT | SMELL IT | TASTE IT.  

Experience it for yourself!!!!