Coming Up


This latest preaching series will be inspirational and challenging.  When we look at the bible it doesn't take long to realise that our lives a living far lower than how God wants us to live.  This series 'Reinvent' will challenge a number of different areas in our lives to become a better person so we can fulfil the call of God on pur lives.  This series will also be filled with interviews from specialist that will inspire you to go to the next level. 


Come hear the inspiring Vision from our pastors.  2018 and beyond is going to be incredible.

Illustrated Sermons:

One thing we love to do at C3 Church is bring the word of God alive with creativity. The word of God hasn't changed, but the way it's delivered will be more than just voice. Sometimes in the middle of the messages you may be presented with a video, a drama, a song, a prop. What ever it is the purpose of it is to leave you with a memorable picture of what the word of God is saying.

It can be a 4D Church Experience in some of the services - HEAR IT | SEE IT | SMELL IT | TASTE IT.  

Experience it for yourself!!!!